About Lidy

Graduating from Macquarie University in 1986 with a BA in Psychology and in 1988 with a Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Sydney University, Lidy uses her many skills to work with individuals, couples and families in assisting them to deal with the crises that invariably present themselves as part of modern life.

Lidy is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an NLP and Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner and uses these skills extensively in her practice.

In 2004 Lidy qualified, with a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution, and practices Family Law Mediation assisting parents and children through their separation and divorce. A further qualification in working with children allows Lidy to include children in her mediation work.

The latest string in Lidy’s bow in her training is working with couples as a Pre-Marriage Counsellor. More information about Lidy’s Pre-Marriage Program can be found on this site.

And with membership to a number of associations including ACA, ASCH and LEADR you can be assured that she conducts herself in a professional manner at all times.

Lidy’s more recent accomplishments has now taken her business onto the internet several sites which are dedicated to couples about to marry or who are already married seeking very specific advice. Check out the links page to have a closer look at these sites.

Lidy is now about to publish her first book, “Love, Lies and the Games Couples Play”. Here she has put all that she has learned about relationships from the last twenty five years into one place using case studies and stories to show how anybody can have the relationship they thought might only happen in the movies.


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